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Products & Services offered by Inside Analytics

As a Qlik Application Development specialist, Inside Analytics develop and implement QlikView and Qlik Sense models for various functions in the financial, retail sales, asset management and logistics industries.

Our range of products and services include:

Consultation & Proof of Concept

Inside Analytics’s extensive BI experience across a broad industry segment, provide its confidence in offering Proof of Concept.

We offer consulting services on Business Intelligence (BI) strategies and requirements. At the first stage of a potential project, Inside Analytics will provide a proof of concept on the proposed development of the BI application, as well as the implementation processes involved.

Qlik® Application Development & Implementation

  • Highly effective business intelligence platform extracting data and providing powerful business analytics which can be efficiently distributed throughout the organisation.
  • Thorough business analysis for all users, at any level.
  • Online or offline capabilities.

Qlik Sense® Application Development & Implementation

  • Self-service application allowing the end-users the freedom to create their own layout and visualisations, in-turn providing them with answers to their specific queries and requirements.

Qlik Sense Business (SaaS)® Application Development & Implementation

  • Inside Analytics will assist you in creating your QSB (SaaS) environment. We will create your applications to any stage of completion, allowing you the freedom to create your own layout and visualisations. Alternatively, Inside Analytics will manage the environment on your behalf.

Support Services

Inside Analytics provides full support services on Inside Analytics developed Qlik® applications as well as all in-house, (home grown) developed Qlik® applications.

Inside Analytics offers a remote service. This is particularly convenient for Client in a different time zone.

Training Services

Inside Analytics provides full user training services on all our Qlik® developed applications.

Remote Services

Inside Analytics comfortably takes on remote-based development as well as ongoing support and maintenance for organisations based outside of South Africa.

In instances where time zones are crossed, an organisation may request specific enhancements needed to an application. This may be requested during their business day for our developers to attend to during the organisation’s “out-of-office” period. Often this request can be delivered in time for “next-business-day”.

The benefit of working across time zones, due to geographical locations, is that the organisation is not impacted by any down-time or implementation delays.

Example Primary Dashboard or Landing Pages

Each dashboard is custom-developed based on the client’s requirements. All of our Qlik application developments include the design, data modelling and scripting of the dashboards. With our advanced knowledge of business intelligence, reporting and data analysis, Inside Analytics can develop a BI dashboard best suited to your needs.

Below are some working examples of primary dashboards developed for clients. Rather than putting your business into a box, Inside Analytics will develop a dashboard that suits your business.

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