Welcome to Inside Analytics - a Qlik® Application Development specialist

In 2006, Inside Analytics was formed as a specialised Business Intelligence (BI) practitioner. Our skill set is advanced and we pride ourselves on our extensive experience in Information Systems Management and Information System Project Management.

During 2009 we extended our focus into Qlik® Application Development and the advanced nature of the application has led to us, nowadays, focusing exclusively on development and implementation within this platform.

The Qlik® BI software has assisted many organisations in locating & analysing data and answering critical questions about their businesses. By consolidating all required data, users are able to easily obtain knowledge in an efficient and cost effective manner, thereby facilitating informed decisions and allotting time resources into harnessing their business’ potential.

Turn Your Business Intelligence Data into Productivity

In today's high intensity business world, organisations require a flexible and user-friendly BI platform, which is able to compute multiple forms of data into analytical knowledge. Qlik® is the answer! Qlik® is the fastest growing Business Intelligence application, and many companies worldwide have acquired valuable insight into their businesses using Qlik's simplicity.

Powerful Business Analytics

Over the years Inside Analytics have successfully developed and implemented Qlik® applications for many varied industries and although prudent financial management is key to every organisation, our solutions are tailored to many other aspects of business in order to provide insight and provide financial stability. Refer to us for:

  • Financial Services
  • Asset Management
  • Tourism
  • Logistics and
  • Retail Sales
Our background and experience gives us the ability to work with customers to accurately define their needs and deliver results.

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